Student Resources

Contact information for Senior Portraits is: Life Touch 1-877-826-7922, 510-372-1525, 1-877-825-7922, 408-841-4003

Academic Honesty Policy

MHS Academic Honesty Policy and Honor Code

Community Service

Requirements, guidelines, forms and deadlines

Student/Parent Handbook

2018-19 Policies and procedures for MHS students and parents

AP Program & Courses

AP program and course information. Download form here

Counseling Center

Academic Counseling Office for MHS students.


Official MHS Athletics website for athletic program information

Course Catalog

Lists courses available at MHS.

Attendance Policy

Clear absences as soon as possible. Follow procedures as outlined

Course Catalog 2018-19

Courses available at MHS.

The Union Newspaper

School newspaper online


MHS Clubs and Organizations information

Dress Code

School dress code policies and standards

Work Permits

Find more information about how to obtain a work permit

Counseling Center

Academic Counseling Office.

Workability Program

Opportunities for SPED students to gain job skills/jobs

College and Career Center

Support in exploring college and career options after high school


Library information and resources


Yearbook information and resources

Milpitas High Saturday Math Tutorial Program for 2018-2019 school year

Semester I Information

Semester II Information

Program Application

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