The MHS Parent, Teacher Student Association (PTSA) welcomes you to our website!   We're a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to promoting the well-being of all children. We believe that parental involvement in education is a critical element for success at Milpitas High School. We provide a link between staff and parents to support all of our students.

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2014-15 PTSA Board

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President: Aude Jensen

Secretary: Regina Sueoka

Treasurer: Hannah Zhang

Vice-President: Lori Garmany

Communication: Vanjie Robillos

Scholarships: Yolie Garcia

Membership: Anita Gangal

Parlimentarian: (Open Position)
Volunteer Coordinator
    Lori Garmany and  Kumari
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PTSA-Sponsored Event


Wednesday, February 11, 7:15 pm (in the Theater)

How to raise your Grade and Rock College
Everyone is Welcome.  Please RSVP below.

Do you wish you could raise your grades and get into the college of your dreams -- without losing your life to school and studying? Parents, do you want the same thing, without losing your own lives to worry and nagging?

All of this is possible! And the new semester is the right time to learn how to make it happen.

During this interactive talk with Academic Life Coach Gretchen Wegner, you will discover:

  • why telling yourself (or your student) to “study” more is the worst way to raise grades (and what to do instead)

  • why you (and not your teachers) are boring your brain, and how to stop immediately

  • straightforward& non-boring actions teens can take to prep effectively for tests

  • five basic skills every high school student should master in order to rock college

  • ways that parents can support students who want less parental involvement

    Both parents and teens will walk away with concrete actions that they can apply immediately to make this semester their Best Semester Ever!



    As an academic life coach, Gretchen Wegner inspires young adults to uncover their true identities as capable, clever, and creative learners in school and in life. As a former middle and high school teacher, Gretchen Wegner noticed an epidemic -- that the majority of her students were stressed out and bored by school because they didn’t have basic skills related to studying strategically, managing time, organizing, and advocating for themselves. She left teaching to become an academic life coach so that she could address this epidemic head on.  Her unique system, which she calls The Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying, has now helped hundreds of stressed out students thrive as they navigate the tricky transitions through high school, college and grad school. A former Fulbright Fellow, Gretchen has a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and is a credentialed middle and high school teacher and certified facilitator of the InterPlay™ method. In addition to being an academic life coach, she helped found a charter school, designed a million dollar peer education program; has taught teacher trainings workshops and arts-based residencies throughout the country; and is a founding member of the Bay Area Council of Academic Coaches. In her spare time, Gretchen enjoys improvisation, swing dance, and backpacking, and is a proud resident of Oakland, California.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Dance Helpers Needed    

Manage Coat Checking for Students and Serve Refreshments to Student at the following dances :

October 11th - Homecoming Dance
December 6th - Sadie Hawkins Dance

Time assistance needed would be From 7:30-10:30pm ...  


Staff appreciation luncheon (MAY)

Senior Awards Night

Setup 4:30 -6:30

CleanUp 9-9:30

Program distribution

Assist with refreshments

Principal Meet and Greet ( Ongoing)

First Day Registration  ( A week before school begins - August)


Back to School Staff Breakfast (Thursday/Friday Before First Day of School - August)



Passive Fundraising Support


Using Goodsearch for all your internet searches earns MHS money! It does searches, just like Google does. Go to and designate Milpitas High School PTSA as the beneficiary. It's easy and costs you no money! Each search generates 1 penny to the PTSA -- it adds up!! 
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Save Card

Attention Lucky and SaveMart shoppers! Did you know that there is a new free fundraising card available? If you send us your name, address, and phone number, we'll get a card sent to you, which you can use at both stores. Simply show your card when you make your purchases and MHS PTSA will automatically get a percentage of whatever you spend.
  Email us at [email protected]

Safeway shoppers -- If you shop at Safeway please sign up for escrip.  Our group ID is: 500018605.  By signing up your card, MHS PTSA will get a percentage of your purchases. You can also sign up your Macys card and other credit cards if you wish, in order to help raise even more money. Need help?  Send us an email at [email protected] with your safeway / macy's card number, your name, address, and email and we'll be happy to enroll you..


PAST EVents Presented by PTSA are: On October 15th

Raising a Healthy & Successful High School Student

Understanding your Teen

  • Have you ever wondered what is going on in your teen’s mind? 
  • What behavior is typical for a teenager and when is it time for concern? 
  • Would you like to know how you can support your student as they attempt to navigate through their teen years? 
  • Would you like answers to these questions and more? 

Please attend our MHS parent night presented by

Michelle Ikei, MFT, CASSY Site Director at Milpitas High School, and

Deborah Landi, LCSW, Secondary School Program Director for CASSY Bay Area.


We will explore the teenage mindset, help you recognize what is normal teen behavior, and when it’s time to intervene as a parent.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions and to understand what resources are available to you at MHS and beyond. 

Education night

Upcoming Events

February 11 Parent Night



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MHS PTSA Meetings 6:45-8:00 p.m.

Wednesday February 11, 2015

Wednesday March 18, 2015

Wednesday April 15, 2015

Wednesday May 15, 2015

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Wednesday September 17 2014
Wednesday October 15 ...more

Volunteer Opportunities


Senior Awards Night - May 20, 2015
Staff Appreciation Lunch -  May date TBA
Senior Graduation 2015 (9:30am, MHS Football Field)  June 6th 2015

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