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Student Activities

Seniors!: Community Service

Graduation is around the corner! Make sure you turn in your community service hours in on time.
April 18 (Friday) Maroon Cord Deadline (150+ hours of service)
May 2 (Friday) 2014 Graduation Deadline (20+ hours of service)
Must submit all paperwork to Mr. Ribovich!

March Events!

March 26: Spirit Week-Tie Dye Day

March 27: Spirit Week: -er Day

March 28: Spirit Week-Class Color Day

March 28: Trojan Olympics Rally@ lunch in the large gym

March 28: Trojan Olympics @ 7 in the Large ...more

Random Student of the Month: January

Chris Ojeda is the random student of the month for January.

Chris was selected by random and earned a doughnut party for his 2nd period class; Ms. Loomis..  He won a jelly doughnut for himself and teacher and doughnut holes for the class.

MHS Science Olympiad places 5th

On Saturday Milpitas High School took 2 teams to the first annual Mira Loma Invitational. The Invitational had 24 teams competing from all over the west coast including a former national champion and several state champions.  A 5th place overall finish for the Blue team was phenomenal! The Gold team placed 11th overall, which was an excellent placing for them. In addition to the overall team finish, 10 event medals were also won.  Below is a chart with the team members names and medals they won.  Please congratulate the students for their hard work as you see them on campus.

Blue Team (5th Place overall) 
Name Grade Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 4 Medals
Forrest Tran 12 MagLev Circuit Lab Compound Machine   5th Circuit Lab, 2nd Compound Machines
Rachel Alvelais 12 Forensics Boomilever Material Science   5th Material Science
Jamie Lam 12 Geologic Mapping Elastic Launch Entomology   4th Entomology, 4th Elastic Launch Glider
Vivian Lau 12 Elastic Launch Designer Genes Write It Do It Entomology (BARSO) 4th Elastic Launch Glider
Lidia Kuo 12 Material Science  Chem Lab Scrambler   5th Material Science
Lordique Fok 12 Experimental Design Astronomy TPS Entomology (Invit) 4th Entomology 
Alex Tran 12 Chem Lab Bungee Drop Forensics   1st Bungee Drop
Sahil Hansalia 11 Anatomy  Water Quality MagLev   4th Anatomy, 4th Water Quality
Jacky Lu 11 Circuit Lab Water Quality Dynamic Planet Bungee 1st Bungee Drop, 4th Water Quality, 5th Circuit Lab
Ruth Park 11 Rocks and Minerals Boomilever Geologic Mapping    
Amy Nguyen 11 Anatomy  Disease Detectives Mission Possible   4th Anatomy
Andrew Luu 11 Mission Possible Dynamic Planet Experimental Design    
Abigail Ecal 10 Scrambler Disease Detectives Designer Genes    
Jessica Kuo 10 Write It Do It Experimental Design TPS    
Tony Zhao 10 Astronomy Compound Machines Rocks and Minerals   2nd Compound Machine
Gold Team (11th Place Overall)
Name Grade Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 4 Medals
Alfred Ly 12 Material Science Experimental Design Scrambler TPS  
Jessica Ali-Santosa 12 Material Science Entomology Elastic Launch Geologic Mapping  
Karen Shyu 12 Write It Do It Astronomy Chem Lab    
Raul Chavez 12 Experimental Design Compound Machine MagLev    
Tim Kendall 12 Compound Machine Circuit Lab MagLev    
Tu-An Le 12 Write It Do It Rocks Elastic Launch Astronomy  
Brian Tran 11 Chem Lab Circuit Lab Geologic Mapping    
Justin Lau 11 Forensics Dynamic Anatomy    
Kyle Nguyen 11 Forensics TPS Boomilever    
Anusha Vishnubhotla 10 Water Quality Disease Detectives Scrambler   5th Water Quality
Christy Chan 10 Designer Genes Water Quality Bungee Drop   4th Bungee, 5th Water Quality
Olivia Le 10 Anatomy Experimental Design Bungee Drop   4th Bungee 
Brooke Tran 9 Dynamic Planet Disease Detectives Mission Possible    
Gabriella Alvelais 9 Rocks Designer Genes Mission Possible    
Sherry Lam 9 Astronomy Entomology Boomilever

Happy Holidays, From MHS ASB

Happy Holidays, From MHS ASB

Graduation Flowers Order Form

Graduation Flowers Order Form

October Random Student of the Month

Jonathan is an awesome young man with lots of unique qualities. For being such a special guy he won a 1st period donut party for his class.  See Madame Mollot's class picture with Jonathan in the middle attached.DSC_0019.JPG

Homecoming Court 2013

Homecoming Court 2013

Activities Director

Joanna Butcher

[email protected]

408-635-2800 ext 4194

Activities Calendar

2013-2014 5th Period Congress Dates

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