AP Course Agreement

AP Agreements

By signing the this form, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the requirements of the AP program. Milpitas High School Counseling Department will keep this form on file and will refer to it for any issues that arise pertaining to the listed items below. It should be your understanding that we will hold you to that which you have agreed to.


Agreement 1  Students enrolled in any AP class are strongly encouraged to take the exam given by the College Board AP Program for that subject.  All AP fees should be paid by March 1, 2014.          

Agreement 2 Students can change a class request on a scheduling card until June 30th of the preceding school year.  Once the school year has begun, no student will be permitted to drop any AP class.  Exceptions to this agreement are stated in Agreement 3. 

Agreement 3 If a student has a C or higher for a first semester grade in any AP class, they must remain in that class until the end of the school year.  A student with a D or F grade on  September 10, 2013 can be placed in an alternative classThis will only be allowed until October 19, 2013. Any student dropping an AP class after that will be issued a WF.   If student is not going into a comparable class, they may be assigned as a TA and be given a Pass/Fail grade.  No changes for D or F students will occur after October 19th.  

Agreement 4 Students will be allowed to sign up for a maximum of 3 AP classes.  Taking more than 3 AP classes is not recommended.  If space is available, students may be placed in a 4th AP class, but not without a meeting between the parents,  student, and the school  administration.

Agreement 5 Students are to understand that the AP Program is a rigorous academic experience. They should be acutely aware of their own progress and should take appropriate steps to seek help when necessary.  They should also take into account the recommendation of their teacher as to whether they should continue with their enrollment in an AP class for 2nd semester.

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