Naval Science

Department Mission Statement

The mission of the MHS NJROTC Unit (Naval Science) is to instill in our students a high level of citizenship, patriotism, followership, leadership, appreciation for continuous community service and personal integrity.

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Grading Scale

Grading Scale





  59 -0 =F


Naval Science 1


Grade level: 9-12

Length: 1 year Prerequisites: None

Description: Naval Science I is the first year of the four-year Naval Junior Officer Reserves Training Corps (NJROTC) program. It includes instruction in the following:


  • Naval Terms
  • Intro to NJROTC program
  • Introduction to Leadership/Followership
  • Citizenship and Community Service
  • Physical Fitness
  • Military Drill
  • Citizenship and American Government
  • Career Planning
  • The U.S. Navy


Classes meet five days a week with one day of military drill and one day of physical fitness. Other activities include field trips to military bases, orientation flights, and shipboard cruises, Color Guard, Marching Unit, Drill Team with Arms, participation in parades, and field meets.


Students must wear the NJROTC uniform during the school day once a week and maintain military standards of grooming to receive credit for the course. Naval Science I receives social studies credit for the first semester toward graduation requirements.


Naval Science II


Grade level: 10-12

Length: 1 year

Prerequisites: Satisfactory completion of Naval Science I and teacher recommendation Description: Naval Science II is the second year of the NJROTC program. It includes instruction in the following:


  • Maritime History
  • Nautical Sciences
  • Military Drill and Physical Fitness
  • Shipboard Organization and Watch Standing
  • Ship Construction
  • Damage Control



Classes, activities, NJROTC uniform and grooming requirements are the same as Naval Science I.


Naval Science III and Naval Science IV

#703213, #703225

Grade level: 11-12

Length: 1 year

Prerequisites: Satisfactory completion of  Naval Science I & II

Description: Naval Science III and IV are the third and fourth years of the NJROTC program. They are taught as one course and include instruction in the following:


  • Sea Power and National Security
  • Naval Operations and Support Functions
  • Marine Navigation
  • Military Justice
  • Selected Readings in Leadership
  • Physical Fitness and Military Drill
  • Financial Management


Classes, activities and the NJROTC uniform requirements are the same as for Naval Science I and II. Naval Science III and IV receive elective credit toward graduation.


Jeff Queen

Jeff Queen