Home Economics

Department Mission Statement

To meet the growing needs of the modern teenager, home economic cources prepare students with the knowledge, skills and attitude they will need in order to pursue related careers and become a self directed, resourceful, and independent adult.

Grading Scale

Grading Scale





  59 -0 =F


Performance Assignments
·Classwork assignments are practical applications of class knowledge.
·“Learn by Doing” method utilized
·Assignments are frequent and follow class lessons throughout the semester.
·Individual/Group assessments are immediate.
Learning Domains:
·Classwork assignments utilize all learning domains and are the major means of assessment.
·To ensure students are working on sewing projects in class once the sewing unit begins.
·Students fill out a work log once a week for the final 6 weeks of the semester
·Work logs are returned with feedback in a timely manner
Learning Domains:
·Participation utilizes all learning domains
Final Exam
Fashion Portfolio
·The final exam and baby simulation project assess knowledge of subject matter.
·Final is given once at the end of the semester
·Students complete one portfolio during the semester.
·Assessment material will be returned in a timely manner.
Learning Domains:
·Fashion portfolio and final emphasize knowledge and skills learned through understanding and application.
10% Final Exam
10% Portfolio


Home Economics


These are examples of careers in the field of Home Economics organized by the levels of academic preparation required for initial entry:


High School, Colleges, or Training

Specialized/Trade School or Community Colleges


CSU System

Clothing and Textiles

Retail Clerk

Self-Employed Designer

Dry Cleaner




Fabric Designer

Fashion Buyer

Fashion Designer


Fashion Production

Interior Decoration

Store Management

Department Store Manager

Fashion Writer

Fabric Designer

Fashion Buyer

Fashion Design

Interior Design




Foods and Nutrition

Fast Food Server


Cake Decorator

Food Processing




Restaurant Manager

Hospitality Management

Flight Attendant

Food Technology

Dietetic Service Supervisor



Food Chemist

Executive Chef

Recipe Research



Home Economics

Fashion Design 1A


Grade level: 9-12

Length: 1 semester Prerequisites: None

Description: Fashion Design is an introductory class for those students interested in the fashion world. It is offered to the student who likes to dress well, improve their wardrobe, gain satisfaction from a specific skill, and be able to wear fashionable garments while spending less money.

The course is designed to teach why we wear the clothes we do, brief history of fashion, elements and principles of  design relating to fashion, and how to use a pattern and sewing machine. The course is designed for the beginning student to learn basic sewing techniques as well as the experienced seamstress who needs and wants time to improve their skills. Each student will complete a variety of projects during the semester depending upon their skill level. Students will also be completing a portfolio of fashion designs.




Fashion Design 1B


Grade level: 9-12

Length: 1 semester

Prerequisites: Completion of Fashion Design 1A and consent of instructor.

Description: Fashion Design 1B is a one semester course offering the student the opportunity to extend the skills learned in Fashion Design 1A. Each student will complete a variety of projects that will improve their skill level.



Fashion Studio


Grade level: 10-12 Length: semester /year

Prerequisites: Fashion Design 1A & 1B and consent of instructor.

Description: This course allows the advanced fashion student to work on individual projects to refine technical skills and demonstrate creativity in design and embellishments.



Life Management


Grade Level: 9-12 Length: 1 semester F/S Prerequisites: None

Description: Get your life together! Seize the opportunity to learn “real life lessons,” related to family and friends, and face the future with confidence and security. Be prepared for “living” in the 21st century and learn about “earning a living” in careers related to several of California’s key industries. Learn critical skills and knowledge in nutrition, family living relationships, communication, human development, and consumer education and more! This exciting class will provide you with many tools to make the road to adulthood easier.



Foods l


Grade level: 9-12 Length: 1 semester F/S Prerequisites: None

Description: This is a beginning foods and nutrition class. Students cook and eat mouth-watering recipes such as cinnamon rolls, pizza, pastas, simple dinners, pies and pastries, etc. The focus is on basic concepts of food preparation, use and care of equipment and appliances, food buying, and nutrition. Students select recipes, plan their meal project, cook and evaluate weekly. This is a very hands-on class, and creativity is encouraged.

International Cuisine


Grade level: 9-12 Length: 1 semester F/S Prerequisites: Foods I

Description: Expand your horizons by traveling the world in this course, learning about different cultures and cuisine.

Learn to prepare foods from Asia, the Pacific Islands, Europe, Latin America the Middle East, Africa, and American regional foods. If you have a cuisine that interests you, we’ll study it.

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