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Euros Cafe Skit 3

Euros Cafe Skit 3

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Euros Cafe Skit 2

Euros Cafe skit

Euros Cafe skit

Madame Mollot

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Bienvenue a mon site!

Welcome to my site. I'm French Canadian. I did most of my growing up in Quebec, Canada. I was taught by the French nuns in Quebec, Canada. My family still lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


I teach French Level 1 and  3. My goal is to help my students be as successful as they can be. I have Tutorial in J16 my classroom, after school with an appointment, and during SSR, and invite all my students to come over for any kind of help. You'll get an Euro!


In French class we sing French songs, we practice French playing games and get prizes! We enjoy cooking and eating French food. We practice French by watching French movies, we celebrate birthdays, and cheer the MHS sport participants. We go beyond the classroom by offering field trips and an opportunity to travel to Europe! We have fun while learning!


I do enjoy sharing my language and culture with my French students.


Below is a link for a Slide Show of Montreal. Click "Preview Draft"




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