Important Science Books

A list of important science texts (and a chance for extra credit) has been added as a word file to the download list for each class.

Glen Barrett Locker

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Glen Barrett

Welcome to Mr. Barrett's class!

Internet resources for Mr Barrett's Biology, Earth Science, and Ecology classes.

Click on your class to get access to review sheets and PowerPoint lecture notes.  (Note: Semester One and Semester Two are different classes.)

 Basic Class Procedures:

Books and Notebooks:

Students can leave their books at home or in their locker, but MUST bring a spiral notebook to class every day! 

Ecology and Biology notebooks will be collected every 4-6 weeks, usually without prior notice!

(Earth Science has a different procedure, but should still bring a notebook to class every day!)


Homework and Classwork is due on Mondays, attached to a weekly summary which is given every Friday.  

The packets of homework need to be signed by a parent, unless the student is 18 years old.

Students should expect a quiz most Fridays on the material for that week.

 My emails for any questions are  and

Digital and Technology Resource Guide -  Barrett  

You were given a digital and technology guide in class - and there is a copy of this guide in the locker - here on School-Loop!


You will want to make sure you have access to and use this resource!  This gives you access to online grades, assignment details, PowerPoint lectures, and teacher contact, as well as many other resources for almost every class.  You seem to already be here, so good for you!


For PowerPoints - Click on the class!