Parents: Why Join?

Top Ten Reasons to Join the PTSA

If you're a parent at MHS, then there are many reasons to join the PTSA. Among them are:

  1. A good way to find out what's going at the school:
    • What activities are going on that your student may be interested in
    • What are key dates to be aware of from a parents' perspective
    • What areas that the PTSA is focused on in helping the school
  2. Parental Support
    • Events to meet staff that your student interfaces with every day
    • Meet other parents who are in the same classes or activities
    • Access to parent seminars including Preparing for College and others
  3. Making an Impact in the Community
    • By joining the PTSA, you can help make the high school better, from providing more access to programs that are not funded by the government to improving your students high school experience
    • Having stronger schools will indirectly benefit the community by increasing property values, as more folks want better schools
  4. Being a Good Role Model
    • Show your student that you value education by your involvement in the PTSA
  5. Understanding the Impact of Funding on MHS
    • With continuing cuts in government spending, the PTSA becomes more involved in filling in the gaps. The PTSA can choose to support programs that would have been otherwise cut.
  6. Meeting a Cool Bunch of folks
    • The PTSA can be a great way to meet others and build relationships while supporting your children. Many of these parents have diverse backgrounds to build a sense of community.
  7. Chance to Lead
    • Given the large number of projects and events that the PTSA sponsors, there will always been chances to folks to show off their leadership skills. And, that's how we can improve MHS for our kids!
  8. Be Part of the Solution
    • The PTAs has been a driving force in establishing various school programs: school lunch, after school programs, TV and internet rating standards, etc. You can play a part in improving the world for your child.
  9. Access to some great resources
    • When you are part of the PTSA, you have access to topics ranging from childhood obesity to bullying to talking with your child about drugs and alcohol.  Make sure to check into what parent programs are available for this upcoming year. If you want to hear about something in particular, let us know and we'll see what we can do.
  10. Have Fun
    • With the PTSA, we always try to find that magic balance of supporting our kids and the school in the most FUN way possible!

How can I Help?

Now that you're a member, are you ready to help? You can help in many ways from active participation in our various events to supporting our indirect fundraising.

  • If you are ready to help with active participation, please fill out this form. Return it to the office, attn: MHS Membership and we'll get in touch with you with all of our matching opportunities.
  • If you are unable to participate actively, support us with our indirect fundraising
    • escrip: sign up your safeway and/or your macy's card - we get a small percentage of your spending at no cost to you!
    • savemart/lucky: join by emailing us ( your name address, and we'll get you a card, which you use every time you shop at either store. We then get a small percentage of your spending at no cost to you!
    • amazon: by clicking on the graphic below, amazon will contribute up to 4% of your spending to the PTSA. So, remember to click on the link every time you need to shop at Amazon and support your Trojans!
    • Ocean Supermarket shoppers: Use our scrip program to contribute to the MHS PTSA. Click here to download the form and contribute 10% of your spending !
    • Goodsearch: Use for all your internet search needs. (and it's ok to use google afterwards :-) ). Be sure to select the MHS PTSA as the organization you're supporting, and we'll get a penny per search. Tell your co-workers, friends, and family to do the same, and it'll add up very quickly!
    • Matching contributions: If you work for a company that offers matching contributions, and wish to make a donation to the MHS PTSA, let us know by emailing us at We'll get you the right information and forms to make it as painless as possible. This is a great way to get a tax deduction and really stretch your contribution to helping MHS!

Ready to Join?

Ready to Join? It's very simple. Just print out and fill out the following form:


Then attach $10.00 to it and return it to the office, attn: MHS PTSA, Membership. It's that easy.

Thank You for your support!

Still have questions?

Just contact us at and we'll answer any questions you have.