Department Mission Statement

The MHS Business Department follows State adopted standards in each class.  Curriculum is current and relevant to today’s continuously-changing Industry needs.  Course Instruction includes hands-on applications that encourage critical thinking skills and creativity by all students. Skills learned in business classes, also considered life skills, are all easily transferred in the business world. In all business courses, students collaborate with each other on projects and communicate in both oral and written forms. Students are assessed using PLC developed formative and summative assessments. All students are encouraged to take business courses at some point during their high school studies to better prepare them for their future.

Grading Scale/Rubric

Grading Scale





  59 -0 =F









• Demonstrates complete mastery of the course goals.

• Goes beyond the goals established for the class

• Demonstrates outstanding achievement and high level of responsibility and contribution to class activities

• Shows originality in the preparation of assignments

• Is self-directed in his/her work

• Excellent understanding of the curriculum





 • Demonstrates above average mastery of the course goals.

• Does the assignments thoroughly and frequently contributes creatively.

• Does independent work

• Good understanding of the curriculum





 • Achieves the basic course goals and is able to take additional courses in the subject field and or move to the next level in the course sequence.

• Is responsible and participates in class activities.

• Requires individual direction.

• Basic understanding of curriculum





 • Demonstrates little understanding of course goals.

• Seldom completes assignments

• Low performance in class activities

• Consistently does poor quality work.



 • Rarely completes assignments

• Consistently fails examinations.

• Is careless in the use of tools and materials so as to be unsafe to him and a hazard to others.



Principles of Accounting I

#701735  {UC} (CSU)

Grade level:9-12

Length: 1 semester

Prerequisites: None

Description:  This hands-on computerized course will prepare students for accounting career interests or college accounting courses by acquainting students with the elements of completing the accounting cycle. Principles and procedures for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations will be presented including in-depth study of assets, liabilities, and equity.  Debits and credits provide the basis for double entry accounting utilizing computerized accounting programs.  This course provides students with a career focused option for obtaining math credits needed for high school graduation.  Math credit awarded after completing Math I or equivalent.


Introduction to Computer Applications                                               


Grade level:      9-12                 

Length:  1 semester                  

Prerequisites:  None

Description:  This hands-on computer course offers students the opportunity to investigate the basic aspects of a personal computer while being introduced to the latest MS Office software applications. Software utilized for this course includes Microsoft Windows XP operating system, Microsoft Word 2007, Excel 2007, and PowerPoint 2007.  Emphasis is placed on developing a basic knowledge of fundamental computer keyboarding applications while developing word processing skills using MS Word. 

Excel is used for spreadsheets and PowerPoint for making effective multimedia presentations. Students will conduct research on the Internet and learn MLA formatting as required by MHS teachers and many colleges.

This course provides basic skills for students as lifelong learners and information processors. It is the first step in preparing freshman for a career pathway into any academy program where college credit may be obtained for high school courses.


Hospitality Marketing


Grade level: 11    

Length: 1 semester

Prerequisite: Member of Academy of Travel Tourism

Description:  Marketing is a semester course introducing students to the principles and practices in retail hospitality and travel industry, merchandising, and marketing.  It emphasizes marketing principles, advertising, operations, selling, human relations, communications, customer service, international marketing, and business management.  Students are also introduced to Microsoft Office for Windows and the Sabre system.  The class will focus on Excel and PowerPoint skills, and students will learn the Sabre Reservations System developed by American Airlines for air, hotel, car, rail and cruise reservations.  Students also participate in career development by preparing a resume, a business letter, and learning interview skills.  Guest speaker lectures, industry tours, and special conference and trade show attendance is featured.

*Hospitality Marketing is articulated with Mission College and 3 units of college credit in Business Marketing will be issued upon completion of the course with a “B” or better.


Personal Finance


Grade level: 12

Length: 1 semester

Prerequisite: None

Description:  This course presents essential knowledge and skill to make informed decisions about real world financial issues.  The course content is designed to help the learners make wise spending, saving, and credit decisions and to make effective use of income to achieve short-term and long-term personal financial success.  Understanding and managing personal finances is key to one’s future financial success.


Certificates of Achievement.

A certificate of proficiency and a letter of commendation are available upon request for issuance to those students who complete introduction to Computer Applications and Hospitality Marketing.  In addition, a certificate and a commendation letter are available for Computerized Accounting.  A grade of “C” or better in the courses listed above is required to be eligible.


Business Ownership and Management (Entrepreneurship)


Grade level: 9-12

Length: 1 year

Prerequisite: None

Description: This course is designed for students who are interested in managing and or owning a business. Students will have the opportunity to create a business plan of their own as they learn the principles of business management.


Business Multimedia and Web Pages


Grade level: 9-12

Length: 1 semester

Prerequisites: None

Description: This is a one semester elective career pathways exploratory course.  Excellent introductory course for college-bound students to research, prepare, and deliver professional, high-impact, dynamic presentations utilizing multimedia and web design software. MS FrontPage is presented to learn how to create professional websites.




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Hutchison, Andrea  4013 G14
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Andrea Hutchison, Department Lead

Andrea Hutchison, Department Lead

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